About The Fintastic Plastic Collection

The Fintastic Plastic© collection was inspired by the 2010 gulf oil disaster. I constructed 87 fish to commemorate each day the oil flowed relentlessly into the sea to destroy fish, wildlife and vegetation.

The amount of plastic choking our oceans and waterways in addition to the use of oil to produce it needs to be recognized and dealt with. We have a collective responsibility to clean up our Planet. The plastic I used to create this entire collection was recycled material from myself and just 4 friends. I became so aware of how much unnecessary and frivolous packaging is created in order to entice the consumer in addition to how anesthetized we have become by its expediency and convenience.

The sculptures are made from water bottles and other recyclable plastic matter. The design and shape of each bottle or container dictated the type of fish I made. In each sculpture I aimed to create something that reflects light, emanates color and captivates the onlooker with attention to detail in order to bring awareness to the beauty that can be created from the mundane.

My intention is to bring awareness to these issues. It is time for us to channel our creativity to eliminate needless waste. Think what we can do if we took all of the talent to produce plastic packaging and put it toward finding solutions to honor and revere our Earth.

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We have a responsibility to clean up out planet

I am on a mission to inspire and educate through creative learning. I'd be happy to bring a workshop to your school, or an installation project to your organization. 

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