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Paula Cardias is best described as a Renaissance woman. In her life-long pursuit of learning she has lived a life exploring all capacities of human potential through the fine arts, theater, literature, music, her interest in philosophy, psychology, anthropology and immersion into yoga and meditation.

As an experienced educator Paula has taught English, Art ,Theater, Communications and a multitude of courses based on her inter-disciplinary perspective. She implemented several courses in the creative arts and humanities as well as gifted and talented programs that combine a deep knowledge of culture, the wonders of science, psychology and visionary perspectives. Paula cherishes her role as advisor and mentor to countless students and has only gratitude to have had the opportunity to immerse herself in the role of a teacher for a large part of her life.

In conjunction with guiding students on a path to self-realization Paula has explored, developed and honed her own talents. Trained in classical voice, she has performed in theater, musicals, cabarets, choruses and as a concert soloist. As an artist she has immersed herself in programs such as printmaking in Italy, painting and drawing in Greece and participated at artists retreats throughout the US all the while gleaning inspiration from nature as her main source of expression.

Paulaʼs Greek heritage gave her several things. Her full name in Greek means “many friends from the heart” and she has felt her life was certainly guided by this sentiment.

Her beloved YiaYia Kaliope (maternal Grandmother) was a great example of unconditional love and spiritual wisdom. Paula witnessed the care and attention her Grandmother put into cooking feasts for the holidays and the ultimate pleasure the family would experience from her food. As in many Greek households, cooking and sharing her food to this day is one of Paulaʼs passions and delights. Paula holds the teaching of her ancestors close to her heart and is honored to have been present at the formation of the International Council of Thirteen Grandmothers in 2004, an organization that represents global alliance for prayer, education and healing for Mother Earth.

Paulaʼs extensive travels profoundly influenced her deep appreciation of the magnitude,wonder and diversity of our world as well as a recognition that we need to act in our full capacities to protect it. As she explores her own potential Paula hopes to  continue to serve and create beauty in the world.

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