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Seraphina's Spark - The Book

Seraphinaʼs Spark is about a young girl who learns about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and is concerned about the creatures who are harmed from it. Seraphina dreams her beloved goldfish Spark turns into a plastic bottle fish who travels around the world collecting other fish friends to help him get rid of the plastic pollution choking the oceans and rivers around the world. The little goldfish learns to confront his fears and find strength as he meets remarkable creatures who band together to solve a problem collectively that none of them could do alone.

Workshops and classes


For Museums, Aquariums, and Environmental Organizations. The Fintastic Plastic collection contains over 100 different “fish” sculptures made from a variety of plastic recyclable materials. Hung together the collection simulates a school of fish that seem to come alive as they turn and reflect the light around them.

Demonstrations on how to create these sculptures can all be part of an exhibition or installation.


Workshops and programs can be customized to fit any schoolʼs particular needs. Topics include sculpting, color, design, using the imagination in the creative process, environmental awareness and ways to become involved in social activism.

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